Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project 366 - Week 4

Ya'll.....I struggled BIG time this week. Sicky toddler who won't sleep = zero motivation to do anything. So I relied heavily on my handy dandy iPhone this week. Siiiigh. Always this week, right?!

Sunday - Morning cartoons with dad. Saw this, grabbed my camera and bumped the ISO way up and hoped for the best. I hate how noisy it is. Wish I had something to fix that! But precious shot regardless.

Monday - Cutie tangerines, so tasty right now!

Tuesday - Before the sickies hit

Wednesday - Coffee please!

Thursday - Mr. Quackers had to make the trip to Wichita with us.

Friday - Made these cupcakes for my class, Sunflowers for Kansas Day!

Saturday - Lame, huh? I was so excited to buy these jars and organize my spices in them. Ha!


  1. Hi!
    Great snapshots! Love those cupcakes and those new jars. What a find! Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  2. I like your iPhone shots, they are so fun! My favorite is the stair shot. What a cutie.

  3. Great shots. I really love Tuesdays photo. So adorable. Also those cupcakes look delicious. I have been craving a really yummy cupcake.

  4. Love the photos, they are all great! I love Mr.Quackers,ours is Quack Quack Duck, hehe!

  5. Those cupcakes look so good! Hope your little man is feeling better!